What's the ideal price for VIP servers?

ROBLOX has had this front page category for a while now…

Is it worth it to just make VIP servers cost the lowest amount possible? I’ve noticed that players don’t really buy VIP servers anyway if they’re over 100 robux.

Is it better to make them cost 10 R$ so you have a chance of breaking out onto this front page category, or is there another “magic number” that gets you the best amount of robux profit that ensures players can afford it, while giving you exposure?


I mean, it depends on what kind of game it is in my opinion.

If I were to make a game by myself i’d made it a fair price around the 40-60 range. That way it’s not expensive and you’ll also make some Robux.


It all depends on what your VIP offers.
If you get a whole bunch more tools or easier ways of playing your game then 10 robux sounds a bit cheap, but if you only have a few simple things in your VIP then 10 robux sounds fine.

Depending on what benefits are available in a VIP server.

Take Jailbreak for instance, it costs 250 for a VIP server, and it’s pretty popular as a whole in VIP servers. Sure, you get less bounty and exp in a VIP server, but that makes it easier to rob and grind for people who just want ingame cash.

It greatly depends on the game, some games already have private lobbies making private servers pointless.
The more benefits you add to private servers the higher you should price it.

Those games are part of the Play Together program, they do not appear there just because their VIP servers cost 10 Robux. You must apply your game and be accepted to appear on this sort.

Not all of these games have had 10 Robux VIP servers. This is a gesture resolved by the game developers and Developer Relations for those who, with stay-at-home measures in place, are missing out on social opportunities they would’ve otherwise had. Games here are meant to simulate social interactions: slice of life, if you will.

This sort goes hand-in-hand with a lot of games and external businesses slashing prices on goods and services. Physical office locations for some businesses are closed if non-essential (depending on your country and the COVID-19 measures in place) and in light of some families losing income opportunities, businesses are lowering prices or granting free service trials so spending can still happen with less accessibility to money.

In reality, the sort aside, price your VIP servers appropriately. How I choose to price my VIP servers typically depends on how a VIP server can be used and how likely a player will be to purchase that VIP server knowing that they can get the most use out of it.

If your game doesn’t have a whole lot of VIP server benefits and they’re just intended for others to play with each other, give it a decently low price. The idea here is the cost-sale ratio (is that what it’s called?), where you sell more the lower your prices are but make less. That would be fine to do, because VIP servers shouldn’t be your primary revenue source and it just allows the same game to be played just amongst friends the server owner chooses.

On the other hand, if there’s more incentive or VIP-exclusive features for players, then you should give it a reasonably high price that your players will pay for knowing they can make the most out of it. Players who play your game a lot, are competitive for stats and can afford to pay a little more to try gaining an advantage will make the most of those servers. For example, in a wave survival game, you can hog/farm experience points with a private server. If you want to maintain good progression for your game, you wouldn’t allow everyone to just have a free boost like that for a low cost.

So, with that in mind, there is no ideal price for VIP servers. Think about how players can use a VIP server and how well your game is received, then use that to determine a sweet spot. If you need to make the sacrifice of earning less from VIP servers but selling more, do it, it might earn you more long term whereas higher costing servers with less sales will just give you more short term.

As for the sort, don’t make your VIP servers 10 Robux just to get onto the sort because you won’t. Your game needs to meet the requirements and you must apply or have Developer Relations approach you about your game before it is placed there.


In my game, VIP Servers essentially allow you to beat the game instantly. It’s basically a purchase to beat the game; you get access to unlimited money and every item in the game.

They’re priced at 850 Robux, but in all honesty it should be way higher. We only haven’t priced it higher because we get complaints about the price, and increasing the price now would send the wrong message to our community.

Our VIP Servers actually detract from our income because one person with 850 Robux will never need to spend Robux on our game for the lifetime of the server, as well as anybody that they invite. Basically what I’m saying is what everyone else has already said. Price it based on how much benefit the servers give. I would always err on the side of pricing it too high, just because of my personal experience with VIP Servers.

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What kind of benefits in particular do you give players? My game is a two player tycoon.

Unlimited money, which in turn allows players to buy every item in the game. It’s kind of like a sandbox mode.

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It really depends what your vip server has to offer that the original game doesn’t, an example would be setting a round time, changing the players hats, making people run fast. Basically things you wouldn’t do in your normal game. Pick a price Wiseley but I’d say nothing more then 100 robux.

  • Is your game on playable on every device?

Besides Xbox due to them not having this feature, all different device players buy VIP servers. Having mobile compatability for your game will increase profit.

  • Is your game worth having a VIP server?

Usually the answer is no for this. Your game shouldn’t become “better” if you have your own private server, it should be just as good as a normal server.

Most games add “rewards” or “cheat systems” for VIP servers to counter this, making players want to buy a VIP server just to mess around.

It’s better for you to have few perks for cheap VIP servers, and also profit off in game products. take murder mystery 2 for an example: It’s only 10 robux, but since it’s cheap I have like 30 friends who have bought it, where more expensive servers have very few people. If they had in game products, mm2 would profit more where if game2 had perks for vip servers they profit less, since you already get it.

Hmm, I’m assuming doing stuff like giving unlimited cash to the VIP server owner, and giving smaller money boosts to any members of the server, might not be a good idea?

I didn’t mention anything about that in my post, you replied to the wrong person. Also my post was made very quickly, so it’s a bit hard to understand, but I don’t feel like rewriting it.

If a player buys a VIP server would they get special things or would it be a normal server just VIP, if you have special perks they should be priced higher but if they don’t come with anything and are normal servers then make them cheaper.

Depends on the game actually, here’s my advice:

  • Roleplay game: 150-250 robux
  • Simulator game: 35-75 robux
  • Tycoon game: 50-125 robux
  • Action game (Jailbreak and others): 250-750 robux
  • Obby game: 10-50 robux

Alright that’s all I can do. I have no idea of ideal price of other genres. But here’s one message, if a player buys a VIP server, give extra benefits, like in Doomspire brickbattle. When it comes to VIP servers, there is a option of giving players god mode.