What's the IPv4 in the network health menu?

The network health menu (accessible through CTRL + SHIFT + F3) displays an IPv4, my friend says that it’s meant to be personal info however after watching a few videos of people with the menu open it shows a very similar IPv4 and none of them hide it.

Is this the IP for the server or is this an IP exclusive to me?

(don’t know if this should be in scripting support or somewhere else)

I’m not familiar with this sort of stuff, but I do know that if you go to %AppData% → Local → Roblox → logs, you can find the IP address of a Roblox server you joined in the most recent text document.

And comparing the two, it looks like you’re right, it’s the IP for the server.


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Thanks, didn’t think it was anything got to do with me to be honest.

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