What's the most comprehensible way to learn how to script/code?

Hello, I’ve been wanting to learn how to create my own Roblox games for a few years now. These past 2 months I’ve been trying literally everything I could think of to learn how to script but I feel like I’ve barely learned anything.

For those who are curious, this is everything I’ve tried so far.

  • Looking at the official online guides

  • Reading responses from DevForum posts that are similar to mine

  • Watching numerous YouTube tutorials

  • Examining user-made builds from the Roblox Studio Toolbox

  • Reading one of those unofficial Roblox coding books

Every single time I’ve tried one of those things, I get lost in trying to figure out what the words in the scripts actually do, the vagueness of all of the sources I’ve used, and above all, the terminology. All of it. No matter how many times I rewatch and reread these, nothing clicks.
Despite nothing really working in my favor, I still want to pursue scripting as a hobby so that I can bring my game ideas into fruition, and I’m curious to know if anyone else here was in the same boat as me but somehow came out successfully understanding it all.
Were any of you in the same boat as me before and if so, what other methods worked for you?


What I did was not learn Lua lol, I came from web design, so Js (CSS and HTML if you wanna count them), but I also learned Python, then I learned Lua.

This helped me because a lot of programming languages are similar in many ways, such as functions and logic. But many ROBLOX games don’t use just Lua, they use Roblox Lua, which is slightly different, it is very similar to Lua, but has extra features (Think like its many modules you imported).

Simply put, if you understand a coding language well (Preferably an Object oriented language). But you also understand ROBLOX’s functions, or know how to access the information to them (the docs and here, the DevForum). And most importantly want to code and are motivated, and ready to watch some tutorials, struggle for hours to debug an error message just for two more to come in its place, and make your own game, you should be ready.

At least, that’s how I started developing


I’ll give that a try. I do have a Python book that looks just like this so I’ll try my best with it!

I’m curious as to which youtubers you may have found confusing compared to others. Cool thing though, I’m exactly in your boat right now. I just wanted to add just try to start making a game. Implementing is one of the best ways to learn. It may not be a game anybody will play or really has any concept, but it brings mini accomplishments to keep you going.

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