Whats the point of being able to view Developer Discussion if we cannot reply in it?

New Members have the ability to view Developer Discussion, but don’t have the ability to interact with it in any way further.

Whats the point of being able to view a forum that we cannot even reply to? It would make much more sense to either allow us to reply or just not be able to view it at all. Going through the post review process for a comment makes absolutely no sense.


New Members are restricted from replying in #development-discussion because of the extra moderation which would be required and dissatisfaction by members who see the category as one of the remaining places containing consistently high quality information and discussion.

Simply put, there aren’t enough existing resources to moderate the category and maintain it’s “prestige”.

In saying that, there have been plans to allow new members to expand outwards from the support categories to participate in more technical discussion.


It has a lot of valuable content that a lot of people want to see. There was a poll where people could vote on whether they wanted new members to be able to reply in development discussion and many Members said no.

The real solution is that developer relations needs to prioritize working on the ways in which new members can rank up to members.


I understand, however, it’s a bit longer and tedious for New Members like me to wait for LTCs (like you) to rank us up since LTCs are also human and miss things out. A automated system in my opinion would be better, since I really want to put my development into the channel but can’t because I’ve been new member for over 2 months now.

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Well, you could use the post approval process if you really want your builds in there.

True, however it’s also really long and some people like me would rather use twitter to instantly post their development


#development-discussion is meant for high-quality discussion. A New Member can still post there, through post-approval.

I am a New Member myself, and I’ve been through post-approval twice for Development Discussion—both got accepted.

If a LTC finds your post to be contributive, they’ll move it.

Members (TL1) can now reply to Discussion freely: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/discussion-category-grant-members-access-to-reply-and-or-create-topics/253905/11

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