What's this in the error log?

Roblox putting its own errors in my log? I have all my plugins off. The print at the bottom is my only debug thing. This is annoying to look past every time I run something. How do I stop it?

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These errors are from the built-in Terrain Tools, I don’t think there’s any way to remove these errors.

Edit: Wow, I’ve discovered something REALLY weird… When I go in play mode, the Terrain Tools gives a warning saying:
23:22:30.573 - Signal:Connect() has been deprecated, use Signal:connect()
But I think everyone knows that it’s the opposite.

Edit 2: ROBLOX has acknowledged the issue:

Edit 3: Apparently, in the post above, it says Signal:Fire() is deprecated, use Signal:fire(). Basically it’s thinking that the deprecated version is new???