What's up with my Transactions page?

So I wanted to check my transactions because I had 1 robux but when I refreshed, it said I had 0 and I didn’t buy anything. I went to my transactions page to see what was up, then this is what I saw.

I then refreshed and it was back to normal but then I notice that there’s this thing that looks like a loading bar. After it went back to normal (including my robux, it went back to 1), I saw the same thing. Another thing I notice is that it keeps going back and forth from normal to where it’s like “shortened out”. I don’t know if it was a rendering problem the first time or like a small glitch. By the way, if you don’t know what I mean by loading bar, I mean the thing underneath the blue mark.

It’s Happening with me too, it must be a glitch?

It’s getting a little annoying because I don’t like the system playing with my nerves.

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It’s a glitch that doesn’t show your 1 robux I think you’ll live.

It’s not that it doesn’t show it. When I refresh it, it either shows it or doesn’t. It keeps going back and forth like a randomizer.

Alright, I gave it some time and now it’s fixed. My bad guys.