What's up with Team Create?

Many people on my team (including me) can’t connect to the studio.

We try many times, and it doesn’t load. What might be going on here?

When you try to enter, this screen is there for an indefinite amount of time.

If you click cancel, this appears.

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I had the same problem recently, it worked on the second try but on the first, it kept loading with Requesting acces window and when it finally did load, Studio starting page opened without joining me into the place I’ve been invited into.

Is this a specific team create game, or any team create game? Can you provide links to the game(s) in question?

I wish I could give you more feedback but it really just sort of comes and goes. Right now, I can connect to it just fine. But sometimes, it kicks me off the game and won’t let me reconnect for up to 10 minutes, even though my internet is working fine.