What's with the roblox menu?

Over the past few months, I was aware of roblox revamping their core guis. I stumbled across this gui:

Then, this GUI just suddently disappeared without a trace so we are back with this gui:

But now, image #1 Gui’s are striking back because my main account had the old GUI that roblox kept for years and my test (alt) account had the new gui. So in summary:

  • Saw the old GUI being removed.
  • New GUI (1st image) replace all my accounts (may 2020).
  • New GUI disappeared. Old Gui back. (july 2020).
  • Now new GUI is back but on certain accounts? (august 2020)

I don’t think I have dementia, but I am super confused about this. I am aware that roblox changed their topbar ages ago with an announcement: New In-Game Topbar - #796 by Ejioplex. But this menu gui thing is throwing me off. One side of me says, “cool new gui, i like it” then, it gets removed. Then I was like: “Ok maybe it isn’t good after all” then, now august, I was like “Ohh, Its back again!?!?!”


This is known as A/B testing. Basically, Roblox gives certain groups of people (random, or those who meet xyz criteria) select features to test it out. You can learn more by googling A/B testing.

Roblox talks about it here:


Is this for people who volunteer in the beta testing?

I’m fine with it, but I wouldn’t think roblox can just test stuff on random accounts without permission. At least get their consent through the beta testing.

No. This has nothing to do with the developer beta program, as it’s not a developer controlled feature.

We have to live with it, it’s how most large scale operations work.

I guess you can bypass their ABTesting? Say you got placed in the “no new stuff” group, doesn’t this post tell you how to bypass it?

I saw this GUI in-game a long time back (maybe 4-6 months ago). Only stayed for a day or two, haven’t seen it since. I like it, though.