Whats wrong with my countdown script?

So i coded a live countdown, as shown here:

But when i playtest, this happens:

Its suck at 0, any solutions?

you are telling the loop to break at 0
Your Script:

if secondsbetween <= 0 then break then
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What do i change this into then?

check if all the Values are equal to 0:

if seconds <= 0 and minutes <= 0 and hours <= 0 and days <= 0 then break end

(woops lol)

still, broken.

Yeah, try what i posted again, i made an error


If you look closely, you forgot to put .Text to your textlabel.

I hope i helped! :sweat_smile:

Goodluck! :four_leaf_clover:

Where? I don’t see any errors, or any mistakes.

Should be:

Countdowntext.Text = textstring

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