Whats wrong with my icon?

I tried to upload an icon to my game, but its been moderated.
Whats wrong with it?

I think it’s because you have the title that says “Losers”, so ROBLOX thinks that this is cyber-bullying in a way. My guess is to remove the name or something.


As @jxyvzz had mentioned; you should consider changing the “Losers” text in your icon. Rest is fine.

It doesn’t really say that. Its supposed to say “Lasers!”

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You can do a quick workaround by using a textlabel with Arcade font if imagelabel solution doesn’t work.
Although it might look a bit different that the one on the picture.

Seems as if the font is giving away the look. Try finding another font where the “a” is more visible. Else you’ll get people thinking the “a” is an “o”.

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