What's wrong with the classic cart ride models?


I’m looking to fix the classic cart models seen in most cart ride games on roblox. The problem is, as many know already, they’ve been broken by years of updates. Namely, they are very shaky, and fall off of turns and inclines.

I’m looking to create a game using these carts, but cannot find any working models. I know it’s possible to fix them, because games like Cart Ride into Rdite have custom made, fixed versions of the carts that are very stable no matter what speed they are on. But these versions aren’t released to the public.

I have limited scripting knowledge, but lack knowledge in velocities and frictions, which are what I assume makes the carts move on the track. It probably isn’t very hard for most people, but I am pretty lost. How should I go about fixing the cart? What kind of objects should I be using? If you really want, you can make one yourself if it isn’t that hard, but I at least want someone to point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

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