What's your opinion on this?(tw gore?)

Well i got a warning for this image. Im not sure why? is this too gory? Roblox never really makes it clear what’s too much and what’s okay. And is there anyway i can still use the same concept but make it less “inappropriate”

The image:

What it looks like in game:

Fits the mood of fast paced action, brutal combat.

is that not allowed? i was told a little bit of gore was okay?

It’s okay. We see Combat Warriors have tons of gore for it than your art.

but i have a warning for it, and i dont really wanna be banned for it.


i know, but it don’t really help my case. Im not sure what to do other than use this ugly thing instead

Keep your bloody heart art. ROBLOX wouldn’t ban you for that. A lot of popular games have intense gore and they are still going on.

alr, ill see if i can somehow make it a bit more cartoony tho, just incase

As you may know Roblox doesn’t have the best moderation and I guess you just have to be lucky enough for your image to be accepted
Maybe you could try making all the red parts white and then changing the ImageColor to red afterwards

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i just changed it to B & W and turned it red, tbh it looks kinda cooler. I guess we will see if roblox accepts it soon lol

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