What's your source of inspiration?

Literally 90% of time on Roblox Studio trying to make stuff, I give up because I’m stuck. I think that’s the biggest problem for me, that I don’t have enough creativity and ideas to build unique things. My building creations are bland, boring colours and rectangular-looking blocks.

So here’s a thread to share your ways how to get these ideas and tada! moments. :wink:
If you have specific websites/resources that boosts your mind, then please share it here.

Here’s two websites that I use:

  • Google Arts & Culture, to get ideas of new buildings or what to make
  • Textures.com, if you do walls or paths, you might want to upload your own texture instead of using Roblox’s materials

Oh yeah, showcases that other cool developers made may also spark that inspiration.


I’m glad someone put these here, this will definitely help out a lot of people!


My source of inspiration… Hmm… I’d probably say both real life or movies. There are a lot of beautiful structures in our world believe it or not lol, and movies that catch my eye are mostly Sci-Fi 'cause they got some creative space ships and builds, but also movies like The Polar Express or Zootopia, are also pretty neat to watch because of the visuals n stuff.

Here’s something odd that I do irl, sometimes when I take the bus or I’m driving or something, I would usually look at specific buildings that catch my sight and I’d wonder to myself " Hmm… Could I possibly build that? Maybe I could you never know… " and the rest is history haha.

Moral of the story is, you could get inspired by anything really, you could get inspired by a shipwreck or an island or a cave.

As long as you have a good imagination, and a lot of determination, you could build anything, you just have to put your mind to it. :+1:


I inspire myself mostly out of videogames I like, sometimes movies and others too. I also sometimes base my builds out of the song/album I’m listening to (cover/lyrics) if I find it nice or whatever. There’s also Roblox showcases and games that can inspire.

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This will help me a lot, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm, source of inspiration…
Well this is going to be a crazy reply.

You ever just see something and think ‘huh it’d be pretty crazy if we took this and put something completely irrelevant with it.’
Like you go on a crazy day long hike, and at the end of it you think ‘It’d be cool if we saw an elephant up here at 14000 feet altitude.’

I think creative ideas can be very similar; you take one context, base, or feature and add to it. You develop it into something new with your own style. A lot like sound design and sythenesis. You start from one basic wave (sine, sawtooth, etc.) and you can add to it and shape it into something more complex.
It especially helps if you have a vision from the start about what you want the end product to be, but often it comes from asking ‘what else does this look like? what else could this be?’

tl;dr- Elephants at 14k.


Don’t worry about being stuck, I was in your position when I first started and I am pretty sure many other developers have too. It did take me a long time to actually dedicate myself, but after past success in games and groups, I eventually got that dedication.

Inspirations included:

  1. Joining multiple showcases with a variety of different styles, this inspired me alot, every single time I spent visiting showcases, I always ended up building for hours after.

  2. Watching speed builds off youtube, this not only inspired me, but I learnt a lot about plugins, the basics, tips, and ideas that contributed to my building style being developed.

  3. After having that dedication, I eventually finished a few jobs which all lead to payment, before I thought that it wouldn’t enable me to continue building, but I actually got much more inspired to continue building after getting that award.

  4. With gaining payment, I also built for multiple groups that have had a load of success. It is the best thing to see and know that others appreciate and experience games that you helped develop.


This might sound weird, but things iv’e dreamt of that I can remember and that are breathtaking, I try to take on and re-build them in ROBLOX just to see how they’d look like and explore them more!

I just yesterday made a post and some of these scenes there are from “dreams that I remember” and recreated them! :slight_smile:

Otherwise, it’s apocalyptic style, destruction and ruins are my motives. AKA, end of the world style.



My source of inspiration simply come from what I would find to be fun, not others. I know to make a successful game, the players playing it must be enjoying your game and I know this is an unpopular opinion but personally what I think makes a successful game is if you enjoy playing your own game so you feel as if you’ve achieved something.

So at the end of the day once you release your game, you can rather have it be a huge hit and play along with your fellow players if you want or for it to be a huge flop but thats ok, because you built something you enjoy. I would rather do this than make a game for someone else. Think about it, lets say you did this and the game turns out to be wasted, you dont like your own game and others dont either, so it’s a lose lose.

If you don’t know what kind of games you like, just search around and try playing different games you wouldn’t often play. Personally I love simulators and I’m working on one right now, BUT try and make your game different to others and be more creative. Just have a while to think about doing something different in your simulator and try to somewhat be authentic.

If this dosen’t work out for you, maybe start from something little and one bye one ask yourself how you could be more creative or improve on what you’ve built so far. Finally, don’t give up.


I usually find images on google to get inspired or just imagine something then draw it on a paper.

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Other people’s builds are my primary inspiration, as well as music. Epic ‘Two Steps From Hell’ music really helps…

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I think I can also count on Two Steps of Hell, their song Victory gives me a vibe to stay motivated.

Showcases are helped inspire me as you can visualize a real-life idea into Roblox, and see how other people have done it. One of my favourite is the Airship Station by OriginatedSystemized, it includes very relaxing music, too!

For inspiration, I usually think of childhood memories that standed out to me in a way. Like playing your first video game (mine was lego batman on the PS2) or maybe a gift that you got that you’ve never forgotten.

When I use inspiration like this, I not only gain ideas for what I want to build, but also the motivation for me to keep doing what I love, as I rediscover my life with these memories.

When this type of inspiration doesn’t really work out for me, I usually look around my room, point at something random blindfolded, and see what it is. Say if it’s a book, I build a book, If it’s a tree, I build a tree. I personally think that this is a great method of practicing building as every time, you get exposed to completely different items and their respected designs.

Another method that I use is my passions. For a long time, I’ve always had a passion for all things transportation, so I use that as the building blocks for my ideas. I sometimes use my childhood memories of my different passions for ideas, as children have multiple passions in a short period of time.

Those are the three methods that I fall to when I am need of inspiration, if one fails, the other one is activated. I think it’s a great system as the majority of them consistently change, and evolve through time. Hopefully my answer helped you! :happy1:

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Literally 90% of time on Roblox Studio trying to make stuff, I give up because I’m stuck. I think that’s the biggest problem for me, that I don’t have enough creativity and ideas to build unique things. My building creations are bland, boring colours and rectangular-looking blocks.

This is a personal attack on me lol

Also, I don’t have a source of ideas or inspiration I just try to do something and give up when it’s too hard or building isn’t easy and a project that could’ve been great is just scrapped.

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Sometimes I spend a ton of time on Artstation and look through plenty of amazingly talented people. Another source of inspiration is video games themselves. Whether it be amazing environments or outstanding character design, I always find myself looking for intricate details.

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