Whats your thoughts on this idea of a game?

Sooo basically i want to make an obby game thats sort of an adventure. Was thinking an obby where its about going into a cave and getting into obstacles including pointy rocks, maybe have rocks fall onto the player in a level… something like that.
I do got some gamepass ideas as well such as a brighter torch instead of the default one a player would normally get to see a bit more further, or a pickaxe that allows you to go into a different route in the obby, perhaps an easier route to skip a couple harder obstacles.
Just want your opinion on it before i actually start working on it


I think it’s a really unique idea.
Obby’s may be pretty common but I think an adventure type would be amazing.
Good luck!


Good idea, but be sure to add different things a normal obby wouldn’t have, such as wall climb/jump

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I think it’s a bit too basic right now to tell if this would be good. What is the point of completing these obstacles? Where is the replay value? These are big questions because that will determine if players will stay and come back to playing this game, which is a good way to stay popular and have income coming in. I would work on these concepts of making a great game than thinking about monetization without a solid framework and know for the most part of what kind of game this is going to be. The player experience should come first, because then, they are mostly likely to stay and spend money.

Summary, expand the idea out, find out unique but fun mechanics you can add to this to make it great. Good luck.

Ill definitely think some of that stuff through; i would make the obby randomly generated however i really have no idea how to do something along the lines of that; but it would give it some replay value if each cave has some sort of gems scattered around which could be used for upgrades

ye i would add in a wall climb for sure

There are some caveats to having it randomly generated as well. Random generation could lead to less detailed caves / obstacles but as you said, more of a reason to replay it. If you can reduce the issue with it being possibly bland, then it sounds pretty nice.

The pickaxe gamepass idea is very good, but this will ruin the gameplay. As Roblox says, it’s better not to sell advantages with gamepasses. If you really want to have a purchasable item of that type, create a Developer Product where it skips one level. The obby idea is very good, but it’s better not to add this idea with the falling rocks, as you might get disliked because of this level.

I think obbies are simple and overdone but same applies to simulators. No offence but this seems like a pretty generic game idea, add something to the mix such as wingsuiting off a mountain or something.