Wheel Model(s) affects car physics

I’ve been testing my new car physics for a while, now I decided to finally add a wheel model (it was just 4 simple cylinders before).
Anchored false, CanCollide false, Massless true (false feels better though), CustomPhysicalProperties everything 0 and minimum density, the wheel model(s) noticably affect the car handling.
How could I avoid this?

PS I’m not sure which category this would fit better in, but this is my choice I guess.

This is a pretty vague question, but I would keep the cylinder wheels and make them completely transparent. Then weld the new wheels to the cylinders and make sure the new wheels are massless.


As Ninja_Deer suggested, that’s what I do for a car I scripted. However, I recommend using spheres for the actual wheels (the transparent ones for the physics) because they handle a lot better than cylinders because they’re a lot smoother.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m afraid it does not work in my case. The vehicle flips over upon turning. A lot. If it’s supposed to fix issues with the overall driving physics rather than steering, then that is not really a problem for me since my physics are raycast.

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