Wheels don't move when I add a motor6d

I’m making an AI car move, and I want to make it so the wheels move. I made the car move using a conveyor belt. And kept the car together using Motor6D’s so I didn’t have to anchor. When I tween a wheel to spin in an loop (this script works) It doesn’t spin. I suspect its because of the Motor6D’s as this doesn’t happen unless I add Motor6D’s.

Any help will be appreciated.

I think anything that Tween’s isn’t affected by Physics in the same way that things connected only by Constraints are. I suggest using some kind of Constraint (motor) to spin the wheels instead.

Yeah, I’ve tried animating the wheels, which ended well except it brought up alot of other issues like the animation of the scene wouldn’t exactly look right. Certain parts didn’t animate correctly and so on. I’ve used hinged constraints which didn’t work unless it wasn’t touching the ground.

You’d have to increase the force of Hinges to make them spin because the car is too heavy otherwise.

Oh. I’ll try this out and let you know how this works out.

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Make sure the wheels are not anchored.

It’s not working out for me, and @Limited_Unique I’ve already unachored all parts of the car.

A Motor is not going to freely spin by itself. Can you show your script?

To learn how Motors work, look at any animate script…

This should continuously turn an arm, I believe, as Roblox always keeps the Rad in legal range and wraps around…

RightShoulder.MaxVelocity = 0.15
amplitude = .1

(or amplitude = -.1)
RightShoulder.DesiredAngle = RightShoulder.DesiredAngle + amplitude

I think this uses Motors as well: If not; it rotates somehow…
Rotating Windows - Roblox

That did not work, the game didn’t use motors I don’t think.

yeah, the demo uses hinge constraints.

Did you look at an Animate script, found in many NPCs, and figure-out how Motors work? Mod it slightly, until you know what every line does.

Can you show your script?

The wheel moving one:

local TweenService = game:GetService( 'TweenService' )
local spin = script.Parent

local spinning = true
local goals = {}
local tweenInfo = TweenInfo.new(

goals[ 1 ] = spin.CFrame * CFrame.Angles( 0, math.rad( 0 ), 1360 )
goals[ 2 ] = spin.CFrame * CFrame.Angles( 0, math.rad( 0 ), 3360 )
goals[ 3 ] = spin.CFrame

local i = 0
while spinning do
	i = i % #goals + 1

	local tween = TweenService:Create( spin, tweenInfo, { CFrame = goals[ i ] } )

	local state = tween.Completed:Wait()
	if state == Enum.PlaybackState.Cancelled then
		warn( 'Tween cancelled' )