When an auto-recovery file is created, it reverts the image ID I've set to my ImageLabel to one uploaded through Roblox Studio

Studio Bugs: When studio creates an auto-recovery file, it reverts my UI back to its old image

Whenever studio creates an auto-recovery file, if you have uploaded an image through Roblox studio previously, then your UI will change back to that uploaded image after it autosaves again.

My Situation: I uploaded a white circle image through Roblox Studio’s upload feature. Soon after, I found a much better image for my frame and set my image label to that image ID and all was fine. However, once the place created an auto-recovery file, it reverted back to the circle image I uploaded through Roblox Studio.

When the auto-recovery file is created, I expect it to not revert back to my previous image because now every time it creates this auto-recovery file I have to manually change the ID back and it happens so frequently. I don’t want it to keep doing this every few minutes. If I change the autosave interval to something higher, I have to deal with a higher chance of losing my work and it still doesn’t fix the problem where my UI reverts back to the old image.


This bug happens with ImageLabels / ImageButtons and I’m able to reproduce this. I will add reproduction steps below. This started happening a few days ago, not sure about the exact date, and this only happens in Studio.

Video: https://gyazo.com/8eb37056266aecbc95ff6e8c7d2d5aeb


  1. Open up a blank place file and make sure it’s published to your account so you can upload images through Roblox studio. Then, create a ScreenGui in StarterGui and insert an ImageLabel in there.
  2. Find any image to upload and then upload it onto the ImageLabel. Make sure it’s uploaded through Roblox Studio and not through the Roblox website. You can access the upload feature if you click on “Image” on the ImageLabel properties and it will open a popup to upload a image from your computer.
  3. Leave it alone and wait until the game autosaves. The game will put a message in output that it was autosaved at a certain time stamp. If you want to reduce the waiting time, then change the autosave interval in Studio settings to one minute.
  4. Once it has created an autosave file, change the image to an image with an ID. If you want to use my image, here is the asset link: rbxassetid://2790389767.
  5. Wait for the game to output an autosave message again and then you will see that it reverts back to the image you uploaded through Roblox Studio and completely gets rid of the image you inputted with an ID.

This happens 100% of the time for me, even in multiple different studio windows.


Hi AdvancedDrone

Thanks for the report, we will take a look.

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Hey AdvancedDrone,
We appreciate the report and now have a fix en route. Until that point the best workaround for this issue is to close and reopen the place after changing the ID to an asset link.

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Hey, this bug is still present in Studio, and I was able to capture my own video of this happening.

Is there any ETA of this getting fixed? This has been a problem since late April - early May in my experiance.

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