When are animations rendered in the render pipeline?

When are animations rendered in the render pipeline? I’m currently trying to consolidate my own custom animations that I bind to renderstep as well as ROBLOX animations that utilize the animation priority system.

The render pipeline has been helpfully illustrated here (made by zeuxcg and prettified by Fractality_alt):

If someone could point out when animations are rendered in this image, it would be super helpful!

I guessed that animations probably run during the Humanoid segment (see frame 2 in the above image), so anything I bind to renderstep would run before ROBLOX custom animations are run, but I wasn’t entirely sure.

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I can’t speak with 100% certainty, but I suppose common sense would clue us to animations being rendered alongside the Humanoid.

If something needs to run prior to the animations though I don’t think it would hurt to run tests backwards, starting with Heartbeat, and if that doesn’t work then falling to Stepped and so on.