When are welds ever necessary?

I’m not sure if welds are necessary in any part of any game. Can someone explain where welds are used?


If you have a physics object, like a lamp hanging on a rope, welds keep the unanchored parts that make up the lamp from falling apart. It also generates less lag than using unions, as far as I could tell. You could also use them for building games, where parts are not always anchored.


How can I create a rope? That seems cool and I don’t have the slightest idea on how to create it.

You can create a rope by going to the model tab, then clicking create constraint, then clicking rope. I’m not very good at explaining, here’s an article from Roblox about it: Physics | Roblox Creator Documentation

You can’t stand on the rope by the way

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Well… Welding Parts, Can be used in plenty situations, such as… Certain Constraints, Ropes, Reducing lag (Instead of Unions), Welding Parts to a Character… etc.

Like how tools are welded to your character’s hand when you equip them


That’s correct, in some perspectives, I would say more so, a custom item, on a players back.

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Will creating too many unions break my game

No, but a lot of unions will cause lag.

Unions, increase the polygon count, in parts… therefor causing more lag, and stress on the game itself, it’s better to stick with welds, and maybe a few unions.

Why would making a union with 6 parts cause more lag than 6 parts by themselves? (same size) I don’t understand.

They may reduce the part count… but the amount of polygons (or Triangles) is still there… maybe even increasing it. Also causing it to load slower. But if it’s not a huge amount of parts it’s fine (I guess)

but if you want to animate it you would need a motor6d?

When making tools! If you have a tool with multiple items on it, you weld them all together with a weld constraint, and un-anchor all the parts! (:

Yes, because motor6D’s can be controlled by a Humanoid or AnimationController and you can animate them within Studio from the default animation editor. I think welds are able to be manipulated, but I have not tried, and Motor6D’s are just so much easier to work with.

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