When Clicking a category hashtag it leads to a "Not Found" Page and when clicking

Yea, Um I know I don’t have access to the #lounge category but I am just recreating this bug.


(Also, look at the top bar where the Links change if you don’t believe me)

Adding on, if I click:

It still shows the 404 Page.

Lounge is restricted to regulars only.

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Please reread what I said before replying

It seems to be an odd quirk, maybe related to the forum software more than the website itself. I found that refreshing the page usually solves the issue. A bit annoying, but it isn’t completely broken.

That’s intended behavior? If you’re not permitted to view something you see that page.

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As mentioned above, this is intentional. By default if you use the slug of a category as a hashtag, Discourse points to the category itself. The slug of the category is the name of the category that appears in the link to it, e.g Forum Feedback’s “slug” is “forum-feedback” as you can see from the link to it:
If you want to search topics with the tag lounge, then you will have to do tag:lounge in your search query.


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