When clicking on a topic, sometimes the scrollbar will jump

This issue occurs randomly as far as I know, and I am currently using Edge Version 107.0.1418.26 (Official build) (64-bit).

I’m not sure how to reproduce this issue but I have experienced it in the past when reading unread long topics with images in posts. It can jump me like 200 posts above where I was at on the scrollbar randomly.

Seems to be a variation of this:
Immediately sent to bottom of page when clicking on thread - Forum Help / Forum Bugs - DevForum | Roblox

Again, no idea how to reproduce this. Is anyone else getting this issue? It’s occurring to me on a 3440 by 1440 px monitor if that helps.

Additional timestamps are unknown.

Would you mind attaching a video of the issue if possible?

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue for hours with a screen recorder but it’s very random. It appears to happen after you scroll down a certain amount something that you previously scroll over gets unloaded and one of those elements tends to change your scroll position.

Though I don’t really know how the issue is happening internally.