When dashed character shakes

My dash animation when BodyVelocity takes effect, then the character shakes weird with its head and hands while the animation isn’t supposed to do that. However when jumping and dashing then the animation is fine, want this fixed.

Somebody has some clues?

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maybe its because the walk animation plays at the same time. try making use of all keypointsin the animation editor. so basically just right click the time bar and click add animation keypoint here or some thing like that. do it to all body parts

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There has to be a better way bro

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It looks like the default animations still have control over the hand and foot joints, so you could try adding a keyframe for the hands and feet at the beginning of the animation.

Edit: Maybe use another one for the head?

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Uhh I tried it but it’s still not fixed

by any chance are you playing the animation several times during the dash? that could also be a problem

Can you disable workspace.AnimationWeightedBlendFix and try again? Tell me if it gets fixed.

No just playing it 1 time|||||

Didn’t work

Just some doodus fartus text