When Day Breaks UI

Hello everyone! Recently, a friend and I have been working on a game based on SCP-001 aka When Day Breaks. I made some UI and decided that I wanted to share it as it looks pretty good. This is not the final design, and there is stuff to be revised, UI to be made, and more but it is satisfactory for now. I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you for reading and looking!


In my opinion, this looks really appealing to my eyes. It also looks very clean and every thing is very well centered! I assume the art in the background moves by looking at it through these 3 images which is very nice, hopefully its slow though. I also like how the “SERVERS” tab is a bit bigger than others to point out the most important aspect to players. Overall, this is very nice and clean!


Looks very appealing and attractive to play, great job!


The UI looks fantastic! It is the perfect level of brightness in my opinion and overall is good UI for the game your building. Great Job!