When did you get developer forum member/regular?

If you haven’t got developer forum regular, just say “Developer Forum Regular haven’t”

Template of reply:
Developer Forum Member:
Developer Forum Regular:


Developer Forum Member: January 2019
Developer Forum Regular: August 2019

Contributing to the forum (2019–)


joined: may’17 but officially around 2018

regular: I’m not sure when

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Developer Forum Member: January 25th 2019
Developer Forum Regular: July 17th 2019

It took me 173 days to achieve the regular trust level.

Edit: If you post meaningful, good quality and on-topic posts you will achieve regular in no time and also take advantage of the post approval process to improve your posting quality and show you can post in restricted categories. Before posting you should read the rules and read the pinned about posts on each category to make sure you are staying on-topic and sticking to the forum etiquette.

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Dev forum member October the 19th 2019
Dev forum regular: March the 7th 2020

My advice for anyone who has been stuck on member for a while is just to stick by the rules, warnings and strikes really held me back from getting a promotion.

  • DevForum Member - 19th November 2019
  • DevForum Regular - 7th March 2020

It took me 109 days to get regular, as others have already mentioned, advice for others to get regular, abide the rules, create meaningful posts, create good-quality posts, and use post approval to help you learn more about how to create good-quality and meaningful posts.


Really short time to get regular, impressive!

DevForum Member: June 19 2019
DevForum Regular: March 7 2020
Total days: 262

I believe what held me back was a lack of posts in Engine Feedback.

Developer Forum Member: January 2020, while I joined DevForum in 2019 but didn’t knew that how to use it.

Developer Forum Regular haven’t, still trying to contribute a lot in topics. Just waiting to be promoted.

DevForum Member: January 2019
DevForum Regular: May 2019

DevForum Member: Feubary 2017
DevForum Regular: Still Waiting

(I think it’s because early on I got a lot of flags but I haven’t gotten one in around 5 months and plan to never get a flag again. But yeah if I stick it out and stay active without flags, warnings, or hopefully not a suspension [Haven’t had a suspension ever] I should be good.) If you look around there are a lot of DevForum topics on how to get regular.

About my devforum status:

Devforum Member: January 12, 2019

Devforum Regular: Waiting.

Joined: 25/7/2019 (7/25/2019 for Americans)
Member: 9/9/2019 (9/9/2019 for Americans)
Regular: Waiting.

Though I didn’t post anything until 4/4/2020 (4/4/2020 for Americans) because I was shy. I’m sure people with devforum account that joined like years ago that still don’t post anything. Don’t worry, we won’t bite.

Edit: Sorry for the confusion Americans about the date I’ve became a devforum member, I forget to add the American date. To make it more clear, I became a devforum member on 9/9/2019 which for me is 9/9/2019 instead, apologies for any confusion for those who writes the date as 9/9/2019 instead.
Edit 2: Apologies for any confusion again, to clear the confusion up Americans, it’s 4/4/2020.

Developer Forum Member: Never (DD/MM/YY)
Developer Forum Regular: ??/01/2018 (DD/MM/YY) – Activity started here

DevForum Member: 23/4/20
DevForum Regular: Waiting.
I was inactive for a few months after logging in as a Visitor.

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