When do you sacrifice triangle/part count for texture space?

Hi, I’m trying to optimise my builds to the best of my abilities and was wondering when you sacrifice part count for texture space.

In the examples below, ignore the smoothplastic texture and colouring. It’s just an easier representation of what I’m asking.

Example 1, using smaller parts to fill in the gaps, thus creating more parts.

Example 2, using a bigger part to fill in the gaps, thus creating more texture space used.

This may seem like a very minor issue, but when builds are repeated many times, it starts to add up a lot. I do a lot of small optimisation things from cutting off parts to exact length I need them as to not add any more texturing data to exporting unions into Blender and adjusting them for a lower triangle count.


What do you mean by “texture space”?


I “think” that he is refering to the places where the parts are inside of eachother, creating that mixed texture of the two.

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Oh, you can just use this plugin to fix that problem.


I’m referring to the texture space used in the part. Each time you implement add a new texture, that consumes new texture space and affects performance ever so slightly. The more useless texture space added up, the more performance is consumes.

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