When Dust Settles: Event Board | QUARINTINE EVENT

Offical Event Board For When Dust Settles

This board will contain all events, their timeframes and what you can get from an event. Items from events will not be revealed until the event is over however we will give tips on how to find/obtain them.

Quarintine Event
The Quarintine event is When Dust Settles first event. During this time frame we are going to be handing out free event exclusive content as a quarintine gift. Prizes will be useful in-game.This event is more for Hype-Building for Release and community building.
Time Frame

Fri. April 10th → When Dust Settles Game Release


1 Nice Badge. OwO.
Possibly more…

Intentionally going to be left mostly blank until games release.

How To Obtain
  1. Join The When Dust Settles Discord (DM Me for it)
  2. Follow twitter.com/@WDS_SocialMedia
  3. Wait… Items Will Be Announced On Games Release! Upon that time, the event will be canelled.
  4. Upon Announcment, All Players With The Badge Will Be Awarded In-Game Items.
    (Game Will Be Made To Obtain Badge)
Winter is Coming
This event relates to the holiday of Christmas. In this event, players will need to complete a small quest. Once it has been completed, the rewards associated with the event will be given along with a badge

December 24th → December 25th 11:59pm


New Christmas themed prizes each year. Starting 2022. Will include:

  • 1 unique weapon
  • 2 unique food/drink utilities
  • 1 unique Misc. utility
How to Obtain

Players will complete a small quest that will be explained 1 week prior to the holiday. Users will have from Dec 24th 5am to Dec 25th 11pm to complete the challange.

Rewards from the quest will be available immediatly after the quest’s completion.