When Dust Settles: The IRDT [Non-Canon]


Disclaimer, all When Dust Settles content is in no way related to real life events and is simply using real ideas, contries, people and places to create a unique roleplay experience. Take everything stated as false/fiction and with heavy amounts of salt.
Story inspiried by a friend of mine who is also collaborating with me on this project.

Offical Document of the International Organization for Research and Development of Technology [IRDT]

Signed by U.N Secruity Council Members & G7 [Below] and Head of Operations and Secruity at the IRDT.


United States: ████ ████
Russia: [EXCLUDED]
France: ████ ████
The United Kingdom: ████ ████

United States: ████ ████
Canada: ████ ████
Germany: ████ ████
Italy: ████ ████
Japan: ████ ████
France: ████ ████
The United Kingdom: ████ ████


Doctor Kondraki Alores


On ██/██ at ██:██ IRDT Facility 1 - 57-U were destroyed via Nuclear Bombs fires by China and Russia.

Shortly after, IRDT Facilities 1-14 UK, 1-19 F, 1-6 IT, 1-23 J and 1-18 C were destroyed by Nuclear Bombs and Long Range Cruise Missles fired from Vladivostok, Guantanamo Bay [Seized by Cuba prior to launch] Kiev [Seized by Russian Forces] and Minsk.

There are only 4 IRDT facilities left. Facility 59 U, Greenwood Oklahoma, Faciliy 58 U, Austin Texas, Facility 19 C, P.E.I and Facility 20 F, Calais France.

Facility 58 U - Lost contact 45 Days ago
Favility 59 U - Operational - 234 Staff On-Site
Facility 19 C - Operational - 74 Staff On-Site
Facility 20 F - Lost Contact 3 Days ago.

The following Staff of Level 5 or Higher have been lost in the initial Nuclear Exchange and are presumed dead.

Doctor Roger Martel [DECEASED]
Doctor Westwood Carter [DECEASED]
Head of Staff Philips Thompson [DECEASED]
Doctor Matthew Stocks [DECEASED]
General Secretary Jennifer Oxford [DECEASED]
Head of International Communications Yarlanzo Lezon [DECEASED]


  1. Establish contact with Facility 20 - F and 58 - U.
  2. Re-construct IRDT Facility 7 - UK.
  3. Through intellegeince and resource sharing, construct tools and weapons needed for rebuilding.
  4. Evacuate Facility 20 - F’s Staff to Bern, Switzerland.
  5. Establish contact with the Swiss Government.


  1. Regroup all military and para-military rememnants from the UK, Portugal, France and Benelux Nations to Calais, France.
  2. Upon reaching the 400,000 manpower mark, Meet up with Finnish, Swedish and Danish forces in
  3. Gather all forces in Berlin and construct improvised shelters and F.O.B(s). Any civilian survivors should be quarintined for 8 weeks in climate controlled, presurized areas.
Speech is intentionally made to sound patriotic and potray the current world as very distopyian and chaotic.

Offical Speech from ████ ████, United States On █/█/76

“The Russian Goverment has forced our hand by invading Neutral Countries [Baltic States, Ukraine, Moldova] and the offensive use of Nuclear Weapons on our allies [Poland, Germany, Romania, Japan] We must retaliate. Any sign of weakness will prompt further attacks by Russia. We will not allow our allies to be attacked with devestating weapons while we stand by and watch. This war has gone nuclear, and while it may destroy our homes, cities and countries. They will never take our down our pride, the pride of the United States of America. We will stand strong and face the threat head on. Dear Citizens, we must fight! The foreign agressors will not win! At the end, we will stand on our enemys ground and raise the flag of the United States of America! And on that day, Dear Citizens, the United States of America will arise stronger than before, standing victorious with our allies. For we, dear citizens, are the embodiment of freedom, democracy and the icon of hope! We will not let our enemys crush us this easily!”


Research is ongoing to find a way to rapidly rebuild critical infastructure on a large scale in Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Japan and Hungary.

Italy is currently leading allied research effort due to relative lack of damage from Nuclear Bombardment compared to other allied countries.

Last Upated: █/█/89