When game imported to Blender, the part colors are all white

I tried to export my game into blender but all of the part colors are off. I noticed that in the Viewport Shading rendering mode, the colors are correct but not when I render it. How can I fix this?
Viewport Shading:

Material Preview:

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Im, not 100% sure what the issue is with the materials but I notice that a lot of your normals are inverted. You should be able to fix this by selecting everything, going into edit mode, and Shift + N to recalculate normals.

For the material issue, it looks like the Viewport Shading is only using the color and the Material Prewiw is only using the material. Try messing with settings in the dropdown menu besides the viewport shaders. What does it look like when it’s rendered?

I found the solution: When i export roblox-blender i loss colors of materials - #6 by OliveGord

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