When i equip different tool then the handle falls

When i equip tool,unequip and then equip different one everything works but when i press 1 to equip one tool and then press 2 to equip different tool then the second tool’s handle falls of



  • Is Your Tool welded or Animated?

  • Does your Handle have a TouchInterest inside of it

  • Did you name your Handle Correctly?

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i didnt add any welds or animations, the tool is just a tool with handle in it (the handle contains sounds,attachments thats all)

no i doesnt

yes i did

Thats your Issue then


how do i add TouchInterest to the tool?

Simply name the Part you hand the Player grab the Handle

When i did put it back to starter pack then the touchinterest dissappeared

Edit: when i made script that adds touchinterest to the handle when i equip it then it didnt work too

This is a normal thing, however the Tool falling isnt

The touch interest is only in the handle when the tool is inside of workspace. it is completely unnecessary for the touch interest to be in the tool anywhere else.

Then how do i put in the touchinterest when its the issue?

The TouchInterest should Apply itself when the tool is getting equipped, as @HP5C stated, it only appears when the Tool is inside the workspace

oh i checked right now,when i equip it then no touchinterest appears,how do i fix it?

but what if the touchinterest doesnt appear when tool is equipped?

you wrong, touchinterest is only on tool while unequipped, to pickup ability

We are talking about when inside Starterpack, in there, there is no TouchInterest

can you send screenshot of tool tree?
like this

oh but how is the issue then? (3O characters dawg)

I am testing, and I am finding no issues whatsoever with Tools

oh because in the previous post you asked me if it have touchinterest and i said no and you said that is the issue so i dont understand how to fix it