When I import gear from the catalog the tool does not work at all

I use this command to spawn the gear on the workspace and put it on starter pack:


When I go to run the game and activate the tool it doesn’t do anything no animation no nothing, I thought it might be that the tool broke and was never updated but when I went to a game that lets you try gear the tool does work, Is there a way to fix this?

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The tool you are trying to insert is outdated, and those “try tools” places often always have an updated version they make themselves.

A lot of catalog gear is not FilteringEnabled compatible. You should check for such compatibility in Studio first. There are few gear which are compatible and the rest are still running on legacy code and practices.

The gear you linked specifically is not FilteringEnabled compatible and was created in a time of old.


Some gears rely on RbxUtility as well.