When I open ROBLOX Studio from the desktop app, Studio closes itself

I don’t think its related - I think the timing of Ranger’s reinstall/post happen to coincide with the backend rollout. From our end we can see the specific crash that occurred on Ranger’s machine (thanks for the logs!), and that crash is not occurring for the past 20-30 mins since the backend change went into full effect.

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Just an update - we actually had to roll back the change for an unrelated incident, so it might be showing up again on restarts while we get it turned back on.

Ok, we have rolled this out (again). The crash should be eliminated - please let us know here if you still observe this.

You should never run Roblox Player or Studio with Administrative permissions! (especially the installer)

I did that in the past just to remove home gui thing on leave

it no longer works it got patched :sad:

There’s a weird bug where ROBLOX Studio won’t open if you’re in-game. I guess ROBLOX doesn’t want developers play-testing/playing and being in Studio at the same time. This seems deliberate because ROBLOX Studio will IMMEDIATELY open the second you close ROBLOX.

I doubt it.
Why would Roblox not want that? It’s just another one of these cases when Roblox could become perfect, but that little thing really might be a bug. I suggest you to write a Bug Report on that one!

I don’t create Bug Report topics. I’m lazy and following ALL of those instructions in order to avoid having the post be taken down is too much for me.

Seems to be an issue, and despite reinstalling Studio, the issue does not fix.

I have closed so many studios by mistake because of this issue. Thanks God at least the Auto-Save feature exist, else my whole progress would have been lost. I opened another Studio in order to place the models in it and out of nowhere the other studio closed making me lose the work.

If you are windows, use the search bar. It will open from there. Not sure about other operating systems though

Regardless of whether you can open this on search or not, Roblox needs to fix this! My game files aren’t loading on my “recent” tab and now this? Roblox needs to start letting more people to report bugs, because people like me can’t post bug reports. Roblox can simply expand their bug support team, if they think that allowing that allowing “lower” ranks would create too much traffic in bug reports. We can technically submit bug reports using the #bug-reports hashtag, but Roblox just please try to allow us to make bug reports.

I am glad that the logs was able to help. Although I resolved my issue by clearing out everything roblox related from my computer and reinstalling roblox I was able to get studio to work again. However, for anyone else who has this issue I think leaving this forum open to help others who have the same issue as I did.

The logs help because I was able to tie it directly back to a crash report on our system, which pinpointed the issue. On our end we can observe types of crashes, and also observe when a change on our end resolves the crash. The one indicated by your log was for sure resolved by our change, so we know in this instance it was fixed and was unrelated to uninstall/reinstall. (If we re-enabled the offending feature, you’d start experiencing this again).

Hi, if you are seeing this continually, can you please submit a log entry using these instructions?