When I try to join the game I created, it keep disconnecting me with error 277 and 279

Hey guys, I need help, if you wonder, “tagokun” is my main account and when I try to join my main account game that I created, I keep getting this error, sometime it 277 and 279 and I am unable to join the game, and it also only happens to this game, it been like this since Saturday, and if you wonder, this issue isn’t only happening to me, other people who join my game have this error too. Pls help, I cant have this error forever in my game, btw I still have access to my main account, so don’t worry.

Log/dump files were attached to the internal ticket by a Roblox Staff (@Focia19), due to the sensitive information they may contain, will not be shared publicly!

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We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue and will start investigating, we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!

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Do not mark this as solved.
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Hey man, how the investigation going? It been about few days now, btw I close the Sodor Ta-go Railway game when I first post the bug report, because I knew no one and myself included can’t even play the game because 277 and 279. I hope it fix soon, because my school just recently ended and I can’t have fun doing nothin. Btw I haven’t play the game, let say take it 15/10 days.

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