When i type script every word/letter its add me a lots of lines

so when i start to script on studio the script start me with 4 lines and not 1,
and then when i trying to type every letter and word i typing its add me a lots of lines and its sooo laggy and sometimes studio crash and i dont know what to do plss help.
edit: i solve the issue, its was a plugin with virus.
if u have that problem remove your plugins from studio.

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Hmm, that’s very odd. It must be an issue with your keyboard, or something inside of Roblox Studio’s code had a stroke lol. Try reinstalling studio.

i tried reinstall and change my keyboard already but its doesn’t work.

Strange. That’s a very odd bug. And belongs in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs. But only people who visit the forum regularly have access to it. Sadly, you’re pretty much oofed.

I find that rule very dumb, they’re cutting out a % of good reports for studio bugs.

Well, that part of the forum is where a lot of admins hang out. They can not afford to let that part of the forum be trolled, spammed, etc. if they opened it up to just anybody, it would most likely result in false reports, reposts, and stop the admins from finding legitimate problems. I understand where you’re coming from, but I also understand why its locked from the general public.

I understand that too, but creating rate limits, requirements (a posts, b views, c likes, d join months, etc etc…), and creating customs to it would do the job probably better than what it is now. I can’t rely on a regular to somehow find a bug when 10s of people already have, it’s frustrating. They want to hear our voices but won’t listen to them?

True. I also think it’s very vague when they say “regular”. It’d be nice if they had some set requirements as too who can have access. Such as having specific badges, certain number of hours, etc. Im sure they do have something like that, its just not public.

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