When Is Post Approval Coming Back/ Being Updated

Howdy developers and staff!

A few days ago I made a post about website features and bugs. In that post I was wondering why I couldn’t post a topic in the website bug category.

The Bug

The bug was that a single game showed up multiple times on only one game category. I am currently at school right now and will put screenshots here once I get home.

I then learned then that you can only access it as a Regular. After that I did some research. What I found was that Post Approval, which is needed to enter the Regular Rank, was cancelled in September of 2020.

Now, I have not heard or seen any updates on Post Approval. I really want to get into the Regular rank so I can post my ideas to improve the website as well as bugs.

As always, thank you for your time and and be safe,
-ColdCr4ft :tongue:

It will come back once devrel puts it in, which might take a while, in the meantime you should totally support this feature request



You’re going to have to wait, DevRel hasn’t announced any changes. Post Approval was removed and won’t come back, but a new process of being promoted to regular will be figured out hopefully soon

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Ok. I will check out the post.

@lluckvy Yeah. Lets hope the new process of being promoted comes soon and quick. And lets hope it’s is good :crossed_fingers:

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