When item buyed from shop it will go to your inventory!

Hi, im scripting an inventory. I want it to be like, when you buy any item from shop, it will come to your inventory gui… How can i do this? Can anyone help?

Maybe this tutorial can help!

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You should probably check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu7Dmu5-Q4k and @ScytheSlayin’s post.

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This tutorial wasnt help and i still need help

Do you have previous experience with coding?

in html5, css3, php not in lua why did u asked?

If you’re using an item then you’d want to clone it and parent it to the player’s backpack (Or if you’re using a custom inventory then parent it to whatever your inventory is called).

Sorry, I know I’m super late

You can try this if your still looking for something to help, How to make a shop gui with a keep inventory system that saves data! - YouTube

Item:Clone().Parent = Player.Backpack
Item:Clone().Parent = Player.StarterGear --If you want the player to keep the tool after they die

You could most likely just put this somewhere in a server script after the player buys the item