When Monster dies, Stop playing its loop sound and play a death sound

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    I want to make a script that Plays a Death sound when my Monster dies and also have it stop playing its scary ambience sound when it dies.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    I’ve tried several ways to make the death sound trigger as well as the other sounds to stop playing but nothing happens. I mainly try to use “if script.Parent.Humanoid.Health <0 then play the sound and stop the other sounds” but that doesn’t seem to work.

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    I’ve tried looking through the free models and using their death scripts but still no avail. Even one that triggered if the humanoid left workspace didn’t seem to work.
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-- This is an example Lua code block

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Try using:

     -- play sound

and for the loop do

-- loop contents
until Monster.Humanoid.Health <= 0
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I’m so happy wow it really was that simple. Thank you a million I got it to work!

I need to learn more about functions

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Hmmm It seems to only work once and then when the monster respawns the ambience sound play after her death. Weird. Verbatim here’s the script










until Monster.Humanoid.Health <= 0

edit I got it to fix itself by changing IsPlaying to just Play()

You were likely just missing Sound1.IsPlaying = false or Sound1:Stop() from the script.

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