When morphing to a morph using "Player.Character", player respawns moments after morphing


So what is happening is that, when I decide to morph into this monster I’ve made, it works fine at first, but later on, it just respawns me automatically.

I am frustrated because I do not know what is causing this!

I have tried looking for solutions on the Dev Forum but all posts I found either weren’t useful or haven’t been solved.

Here is a video.

(I used the command “game.Players.wizardnoobguy.Character = workspace.Morph” in the studio command bar on the server side, which is why my player avatar suddenly disappears in the video).

I am definitely looking to learn from this and make sure this doesn’t occur again in any of my experiences ever again. Thank you.

Might be due to the morph not having the basic stuff that the original character has?

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You can use this useful tutorial on how to properly morph your Character into the rig that you want. It’s important to note that it must have the basic humanoid properties or names but the video explains it well and gives you an example.

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Apparently, torsos in rigs cannot be union operations, which is why it kept respawning me (in my personal situation). So to counter this, I have rigged a dummy inside the rig and made it invisible so the torso is technically a part. It is fixed now. Thanks to everyone that replied to this post! :smiley:

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