When people review my game they say my GUIs need to be more "neat"?

I am making a Capture the Flag not sure how I would go about making my GUIs “Neat” although players complain about it.

(Sorry about the lag)
what do people mean about “Neat” and how would I fix this?

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The spacing and orientation of your frames and buttons could use some improvement, as well as the text scale. It looks messy and hard to read.

Rarely anyone uses Border size anymore… the gui’s are really blocky, use roundify, make sure to space out the buttons, the shop effect that comes from the side of the screen is really ugly and just overall positions are really bad.

So something like this?

I’d say the problem here is that everything clashes.
A bright and colorful UI is fine, but a ton of different colors that don’t mix well won’t look appealing.

You should also stick to one style instead of multiple different styles.
Perhaps you could design the rest of your UI around this style?

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Make each button equal size, the border looks quite ugly so I would remove that too.

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I don’t know how to explain but people with OCD can get really triggered. I can point out some things:

The squished camera button image
Fix: set the ImageType to Fit.

They are sized differently and the twitter icon looks out of place image

So like this?, sorry I am a beginner so

Okay basically, spread out the buttons because they are clumped and clumped stuff with different text sizes are really ugly, that picture of the camera screen is stretched making it really ugly, the white and green don’t go together and the contructing sign crosses out a portion of the button leaving that one corner sticking out, the spawn vehicle and that red and white thing that I can’t read can be adjusted too, the round thing is good though.

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Is this Better?

Make it equal width and height, don’t have too much colors and the contrast isn’t great.

So with better contrast

That’s a bit better. I would remove the white border of the buttons and have one color for the text.

So this is good?

I would have around 3-4 colors, you have like 7-8. The buttons should be the same size with the same sized text.
The picture icon and the “How to play” is not center-aligned. Might just be me tho

So final draft should look like this?

roundify is useless now, just use the new UICorners

Padding is inconsistent, so I would change that too.

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This is just a quick rough idea of what your layout could look like.

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That looks nice but how would I round my GUIs