When Player hits Button, the forcefield is disabled!

I need a script that when you click a button, the forcefield is disabled but if the button is not clicked the forcefield is not disabled!

Any help or solution!


As @xander5610 said, you can’t just ask for full scripts here just like that. However to guide you in the right direction, here is the wiki for forcefields.

Also may I ask, are you talking about a UI button or a part with a ClickDetector?

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Like the @xander5610 said, you shouldn’t ask others for complete scripts, but I will help you out this time.


if workspace[plr.Name]:FindFirstChild("ForceField") then
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Use Player.Character instead of workspace[plr.Name]. There could be clones of the character around, so it’s just a precaution.

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nvm i got it solved! sorry for does who helped me!