When the Intellisense box appears and you press enter, it will disappear and reappear

When you are coding in Studio, it is very common that the intellisense box will pop-up, which you would normally just immediately press enter to have it auto-fill the first entry. However what happens is that the box will disappear, stutter, and then re-appear. You can then press enter to have it fill in your desired text.

This issue plagues development.

Expected behavior

Intellisense box appears, you press enter, it fills in the desired text.


Hi, can we get a video of this issue occurring, please?


Closing as we don’t have enough info to investigate this. If you encounter this issue anytime in the future, please file a new bug report.
How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

Hello. As an update, we have been able to reproduce this issue internally and are working on a fix.



We have just flipped a flag that should fix this issue after a Studio restart. Please let us know if you continue to see this problem.

Regrettably the fix flag caused a performance regression and had to be backed out. We are working on further improvements and will reach out with an update when possible.

This bug is a plague when working in Studio, it reduces my productivity by about 70%.
Intellisense also being so slow reduces it by 70%.

When can we expect a fix for these issues?

How is this going? Would really appreciate a fix! Thank you!

The bug in which Autocomplete disappears/flickers when attempting to accept, rather than actually accepting, should be fixed in the latest version of Studio for the Script Editor use-case (it currently persists in the Command Bar because of differences in how the two editor front-ends handle text updates). If you can still reproduce this issue in the Script Editor I would be very interested to hear it.

As for autocomplete being slow to resolve - this is a bit harder to address as it’s not just a single bug. Autocomplete is ultimately powered by the Luau type system, so the longer the script takes to typecheck, the longer autocomplete results will take. We have a few ideas for improving this performance, which we are actively working on, but without a repro case it is difficult to know if it will improve your particular place.