When the Universal App crashes a blank screen displays

When the universal app crashes/a component has an error, the lack of error boundaries makes the app show a completely blank screen which can be confusing to the user.

Reproduction steps

  1. Get just the lua app to crash/break in one way or another. There is not consistent way to get the app to crash that I know of
  2. Observe how all the UI elements disappear, leaving a blank solid colour screen

Expected behavior

Error boundaries are setup, allowed for an error page or message to be displayed so it is less confusing for users.

Thanks for the report! Could you provide a video with the repro steps and some logs? You can find how to get and send the files to us in this topic: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

I unfortunately don’t have a consistent way to reproduce the crashing; they have all been patched while I was researching this. However the bug report is not about that primarily, and mostly about the lack of an error screen when crashes occur, and if crashes occur in the future. I think that engineers will be able to trigger a manual crash using debug tools to see the lack of an error screen. Also, I can’t crash the app consistently and logs vary, however I can say that most of the time it is triggered by an error in the React code. I also don’t have a video as I do not have a consistent way to crash the app atm. I hope this clears things up!