When to start scripting a game?

So, I have been through the Alvinblox beginner scripting tutorials (link here https://tinyurl.com/y77r8ymo) and I was wondering if I should begin starting one of my game ideas or wait and learn some more advanced scripting. I do believe that my idea will require some pretty advanced scripting, but I’m not sure.(For example, here are some more advanced tutorials: https://tinyurl.com/ydy43u2b) I know some of you have your opinions on YouTube tutorials, but these work best for me. Also, I’m sorry if this is in the wrong category.

What is your idea? Your topic is a bit vague.

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You can learn advanced programming by making a game, so do both things xd

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My idea is where everyone builds an invention with tools, and then they showcase it to the rest of the server, then if you get higher rankings you get more materials to build with, etc.

I would recommend practicing different things before you making things too advanced. However, if your game is straight-forward and simple to create, YouTube tutorials are great. If you want to make an advanced game, I would take some time and improve yourself by giving yourself a challenge to work on a skill set you’re bad at and do something a step-up from your level. Spending time to do the hard parts makes the advanced feel like mindless thought.

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This will require knowledge of the following:

  • Lua Dictionaries and Arrays
  • Client vs. Server limits
  • Replication and Anti-exploit
  • Math. You need math, at least geometry or trig.
  • Module scripts
  • CFrame operations
  • UserInputService, ContextActionService, Mouse, Player, Model, and BasePart APIs
  • Tools
  • Camera manipulation
  • Raycasting
  • Anything else that relates to this, pretty much

Yeah… I pretty much can’t do any of the stuff except math. Thanks for putting in the effort to tell me what it needs. Well, time to get learning.

You got it though! All it takes is time and effort. You will need practice with other stuff, so jumping into something like this, even with the knowledge, would flop.

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