When to use AllScopes?


So I am wondering about when to use AllScopes in DataStoreService, a lot of info is for some reason hard to find, nobody is entirely sure, or is a vague explanation.

Documentation doesnt exactly help either.


local options = Instance.new("DataStoreOptions") -- DataStoreOptions
options.AllScopes = true -- AllScopes

DataStoreService:GetDataStore("example", "", options) -- DataStore with AllScopes?

You can check out Data Stores — Scopes and Data Stores — AllScopes Property on the Roblox Creator Documentation website.

Also, I'm asking when to use it.

It gives a usage example in the documentation, you can use it to list all keys of all scopes when necessary. Why you’d need to do this? I don’t know, because Roblox GlobalDataStores don’t exactly support “searching” for keys that contain a specific string or otherwise (which knocks out things such as looking for every key that contains a player’s user ID).