When to use meshes, unions, leave as a part?

I have multiple questions in which is best for my stadium I’m building, the max player count is 200, all parts should be anchored, around 50 people come to the stadium every event.

  1. What do I use the most to build my stadium?
  2. When do I use meshes, unions, or leave them as parts?
  3. What’s your suggestions to keep it less laggy?
  4. Is 1 part more laggier than 1 mesh of the same part?
  5. Should I union a model or make a mesh of the model if one part needs to be balconies and 15 parts need to be yellow?
  1. Your stadium, since it’s going to be big, should be made out of normal parts. Using meshes/unions, no matter how good the collisions are now, there may be some awkward hovering or sinking of the player in some areas just because it’s so massive.

  2. Here’s when to use each:

    • Meshes: Intermediate-complex objects such as a well-designed laptop or for small-medium sized objects such as furniture. Since your game is going to be so massive, try to limit the amount of meshes and how complex they are (i.e. triangle count).
    • Unions: When you think that your part count has gotten out of hand and you need to fuse some parts together. Nothing complex, but if you have a wall with bricks, you may want to fuse them together and keep their part colors so that it’s just one object.
    • Normal parts: Whenever detail isn’t very necessary or when you are building the structure of a building. I mean, you’re not going to decorate the floor to much except tiles and whatnot, so you might as well use parts for that.
  3. As I said above, for meshes try to limit their complexity and how many you use. And keep the Render Fidelity to automatic so that there is a level of detail that simplifies the mesh complexity with increasing distance.

  4. I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you want a normal rectangular part, you’re better off using a part rather than a rectangular mesh. But in general, parts are significantly less laggy than meshes just because of their simplicity and familiarity to the engine.

  5. Depends on how complex the balcony is. If it’s just rectangular overall, unions are the better way. Plus, they don’t need to be textured. You just turn on keep part color and it will be different colors. But, if you’re going for a grand balcony with chiseled decorations and whatnot, you may want to use meshes (keep performance in mind though!). You’ll need to texture this, unlike unions.

Hope that helps!

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Thank u I will your suggestions in mind

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I have a question, what about MeshParts ?