When will i get my robux from premium payouts?

Hello developers, i have an issue that its been more than a month since i got my first premium visits and i still didn’t get any robux.

Is there any fix for it? I contacted roblox support they just said be patient and wait, what should i do?


I’m pretty sure that it does sometimes take a while. It will get to you at some point.

For now, I’d just say wait maybe another month or two and it’ll probably get to you.

by the way, go to transactions to check if any robux is pending in case you haven’t already


Another month or two? Im disappointed in roblox for saying that the process takes 28 days. I have developers and i have to pay them. They are waiting waiting and waiting.

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I’m not sure, it just takes some time sometimes. If this is your first time, that might be the reason but there’s no actual sources that say that’s true.

Sometimes it takes more than 2 months for me to receive premium payouts from my games. It just takes some time I guess. But most of the time, yeah you have to wait a month


Almost 2 months of waiting, nothing.

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