When will Roblox actually care about our safety?

After the new EU DSA reports, some players used VPN to use the EU DSA to report some criminals on Roblox, but what about the Standard Report System? They thought adding the EU DSA report can make us forgive them?

The Standard Report System can be used in-game or at the website, I reported a criminal or a pedophile on the browser using the Standard Reporting System, I forgot his username btw, after reporting him with the SRS (Standard Reporting System), I thought it would work and get him terminated, 5 days later, I came back to find his user and I was shocked to see him UNBANNED.

Roblox needs to fix their moderation, seriously.


This will probably get unlisted, as did my topic about sexual predators on the platform, but this should generate some discussion.

I found a group of predators on the website with hundreds of people saying incredibly inappropriate things. After mass-reporting their comments, days later, I realized nothing was done. Most likely because Roblox has a bot that reads reports and these people were bypassing its filter using emojis.

I filled out a support ticket saying this group was inappropriate and doing terrible things and I got a bot response saying to use the report feature. I then said that if Roblox doesn’t do something then I will have no choice but to submit the group to local news stations. Roblox removed the groups two days later and my support ticket was never responded to.

The report systems do not work how most players think they do. You aren’t reporting to make the website a better or safer place. You are reporting to get rid of liabilities for a company.