When will the glass material be updated?

Title basically says it all.

One of the most annoying things about the glass material, and let me tell you, I love it, is that glass gets rid of all decals and textures behind it, which is really god damn annoying.

Does roblox have any plans to update it, or stop glass from removing decals and textures?

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Transparency has always been an issue for Roblox, especially with semi-transparent Parts behind other semi-transparent Parts.

Glass also hides Terrain water, which is both good and bad. For places with water I just use SmoothPlastic or Ice for windows if I need to see the water.
A ‘nice’ use of the hidden water is you can make a boat for Terrain water that has an interior or sits deep in the water and put a Glass Part with Transparency .999 to hide the water that’s rendered inside the boat. It doesn’t work if the water is deep and the player needs to move around in that space because they’ll swim and if the camera is below the glass and above the water it’ll render.

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To stop glass from removing decals or textures, set the transparency to 1 or change BasePart.Material to Enum.Material.Water.

no it will not get an update because of mobile compatibility

Stopping glass from getting rid of decals doesn’t impact performance… Also, did you say it that way to annoy me? :sob:

  1. The water material only applies to terrain

  1. Decal viewing by glass doesn’t impact performance, like what @SwitchedDreams said
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No. I thought my message implies that Roblox would never update the glass material.

Simply make it not work for mobile users. I know that most players use mobile devices, but lets get real here:

People with extremely powerful PC’s like myself cannot experience good graphics all because everything has to be throttled.