When will we Developers be able to Publish Videos to Roblox?

We All Have Seen it, and it would Help us to Provide to the ppl an Better Experience if we would have the Video Publish Possibilities, we know thats some videos made by Roblox are there but i as an World War II Game Developer, i would like to have the possibility for the Video Feature too to create Epic Cutscenes, Intros or even Mainmenu Background, soo am Asking: Do somebody know when it will be possible to us Developers to create Videos?

I mean, it would be good for my game to create intros like that:

or Main Menu Like Here:

i mean, its not hard to see thats those are Video Screens

Honestly I don’t know. Roblox hasn’t given us a update to publishing videos on the Roblox platform for a while.

For now only certain people have the ability to publish videos.

The only way that I know right now to make a video is to export your video to a PNG format then upload all those PNG files to Roblox as images then make a script to show all the images in an order every 16.33 milliseconds. This can be used to make a scuffed video.

yeah, was thinking about that, i would need to take an video and seperate it into an single frame