When you click X the new Roblox menu that pops up doesn’t follow CoreGui mouse-rules

Basically the main menu will re-show the default Roblox mouse if I made it invisible. But when a user clicks the “X” at top right of application to close the new menu Roblox has; the pop up doesn’t reenable the mouse like it should. This is a problem for games like mine that hid the mouse to make a custom mouse so we could have custom button hover images.

Gif showing that other CoreGui renables mouse: https://gyazo.com/4922a7f730ecba15dabac2b3928aab0c

Gif showing the new Gui doesn’t:

To replicate (test this) just make mouse invisible. I made custom mouse by having an image moved to mouse location.

This thread has info related to my personal issue with this: Need help detecting when player clicks X to close application/game - #12 by 7z99


Thanks for flagging this! Taking a look at it


Thank you. It was a pretty big problem for my game.

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