When you set a key as an actual object, what do the key's refer to?

Hi, so I am creating a table (dictionary), and I am setting the key to be the char model, and the value to be a random folder, however I was curious about what the value of the key refers to.

local char = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character or game.Players.LocalPlayer.CharacterAdded:Wait()

local t = {}

t[char] = char


This is just a simple test code to showcase what I mean.

                    [Instance(1FD4D9BC6B8)] = 0onima

This is the result of the code btw

  • I have an idea of what it is referring to though, I think it might be referring to the object’s place in memory? However I’m not certain, as long as each reference is unique then it’ll workout perfectly.
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When an instance is used as a key in a table, Roblox translates that to the instance’s ID. (@waves5217 corrected me)

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I’m pretty sure this is a Roblox’s hexadecimal reference to an instance and not a memory address. In C language, memory address is usually prefixed with 0x, followed by a hexadecimal address (like 0xc80dec79e5a416bb).

Nevertheless, each instance has its own ID (and also its own DebugId).



Thanks for correcting me. Yes it’s not the memory address but rather the Instances ID. That’s my bad.

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